Monday, February 12, 2007


Michaelangeloh said...

Oh thanks, my dog wont let me change the page now.Salivating over these bones,he wants to know how to order them.Personally I think he and the UPS dog has something going on in deliveries.Bones show up out of nowhere!Now dont you sell them to him as Im sure he has an account with Ebay.These paw marks on my computer, I just know hes surfing.My home page is always changed to poodles for rent page.LOL Just kiddin, thanks for the posts.

Jen Jewel Brown said...

OK, those are bird bones found at Cape Patterson beach, down where Bracksy is talking about putting the desalination station, or thereabouts. I can only hope he he's the pristine beaches close to the Cape P alone. It's all too beautiful.

Re poodles, if you ever told me I'd own one, I would have thought you were criminally insane. But Phantom Rocket Wolfboy III is pure vampire. He's the best. Anmd yeah, layala (a poo-pom-shitz) you're ab fab too.