Tuesday, July 20, 2010

more PI

shot by Paul Harris, Sydney Morning Herald

Lab Rat Solar-Powered Studio Palm Island

Heard a really great show today on 3CR, which isn't unusual. It was on Hip Sista Hop
Hip Sista Hop

Hip Sista Hop Monday 1 - 2 pm
There was an amazing single mum on who was working with an org whose name escapes me now, but she casually mentioned she'd been in Palm Island working on several creative community projects powered by solar and wind. They played some of the music which was a real knockout, so original and Australian. Hip hop completely Palm Islandafied.

My favourite was 'Anybody Seen My Horse?' which was a little song based on a true search for a missing horse sung by a bunch of very young girls who sounded about 10. Blew my socks off. Apparently at the end of a flattening day of searching the jungle, the little girl's horse was found. Unfortunately it was pinched the next day. At least they got an astounding recording out of it, recorded by solar power.
If I can find out more, or a link to the music, I'll post it