Monday, December 18, 2006

it's a Bakehouse Xmas

Thanks Quincey & Helen from Bakehouse Studios Fitzroy for an Xceptional Xmas bash at the Tote tonight 16.12.06. Ron Peno, Russian Schoolboy, the Ukeladies and many many more and a delicious cascade of backyard snacks. In a post-Ian Rilen world, the year was made for me when the Love Addicts - featuring Blue Ruin's Quincy McLean admirably on guitar and vocals - got up for one song only, 'The Family from Cuba,' and then X (the undead, the unkillable) rose again with the LA's Kim Volkman switching to Rilenesque bass and Steve Lucas taking the stage as Cathy Green switched to drums. O happy daze. Having just sunk my cocktail X's Dirty Degenerate Boy - a martini with olive or was that love juice - I blissed out along with the rest of the nest of adders snaking around the dancefloor. Highlight? 'Mother,' sung by Lucas with a primal scream John Lennon would have handed over his OBE for. Welcome back to Melbourne Steve.

X Rise Again