Wednesday, January 05, 2005

it was fresh and freaky to see this pumped up on my beloved brunswick st, just days after it was written.

around november 2004 some of my poetry was used by miles and dom at scarab window in a projection project. two poems were projected nights on a building wall on the corner of brunswick st, fitzroy, along with text and films by other artists. tania ivanka was there to capture some stanzas of "for example" with her digital camera. the poem won a prize at the dan o'connell and was inspired by a meeting with emma ireland. i think that's jonas, from my b. creative arts media arts technology class that semester, with a friend checking out a shop window before they came to talk to me. dom did the same course at unimelb... all projections shots here by the talented Tania Ivanka (check out and follow the link to
, with special fx x jjb. redglowing appreciation/ta to miles, dom, tania and all those who enter art into a capitalised space for the sheer generosity of it.

and so on...

and so on. missed the end of the poem (see below) but you get the picture.