Monday, December 14, 2009

A silver guide to unconsciousness

The trick to unconsciousness is knowing when you've achieved it. It's like balancing on a tightrope - one minute you're awake and the next you're not. Everyone wants to know what happens on the highwire. But what happens on the highwire often stays on the highwire. The tricky thing - to maintain enough wakefuless to experience falling out of wakefulness. Your feet doing their best to swallow the rope dividing light and dark like two carpet snakes, your body perfectly balanced, half and half weighted, moving back and forth, back and forth, almost rocking like to keep your weight distributed above your left foot then your right, coming and going, going and coming and coming and coming ... but the next thing you're swimming up from the weightless dark of unconscious samsara towards moksha, towards the light and it's another day


Val said...

Hi Jen,
I read this a few times since you posted it because it reminded me of my own karmic situations. I had an experience about a year ago out of the realm of such things but also part of them that has left me searching for an explanation that I doubt I'll ever find. Your words as always are eloquent.

Anonymous said...
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Jen Jewel Brown said...

Hi Val, great to hear your comments. I'd love to hear more about that time. It reminds me also of when I was a teenager, how I'd lie on my back on my bed and practise astral travelling. It felt very real. I have a great yearning to escape from the house where I was trapped.