Sunday, May 17, 2009

beauty rots


themilkbaroflove said...

Entropy perhaps, rot, maybe. Permanance is a well worn myth. Change is feared in many corners. Perhaps, its only a proposition, that perhaps Fitzroy has been rotting for years. I always believed that was Fitzroy's charm and irresistable draw. And graffitti or scratching walls is a action that requires entropy to renew itself. Your images capture the very act, and its fleeting character and its recurrent challenge to renew. Then to rot again. I love it! More please!!

Jen Jewel Brown said...

I agree and I love the beauty of decay, of the paint peeling from the Provincial Hotel's walls, no doubt with their debt of lead powdering the street ... And recall the shadows of past residents, parkies settling in a circle round a fire where the council flats now stand, shadows that flit between our legs when we stride past the galleries on Gertie Street, dirty Gerty, the dirty mile.Never gone, never gone ... Never gone.