Monday, October 06, 2008

the campaign to end global poverty - sign and make your pledge

I pledge to keep seeking out and requesting stores stock Fair Trade products, to keep doing volunteer work and to keep campaigning for rights of the voiceless and most underprivileged in our society through my work on the management collective of the Council of Single Mothers and Their Children in Melbourne, Australia, and other orgs and by letter writing to pollies and the media, through my poetry and through Get-Up, Greenpeace, AVAAZ and other important and powerful online petitions. I pledge to continue to keep giving away rather than selling all items no longer needed by our family and to ask for donations to important charities rather than presents in the family Kris Kringle at Christmas. I pledge to never give up trying to make a difference to halt global warming through human inaction on greenhouse gas emissions and overclearing. I promise to compost and recycle and buy pre-loved stuff or no stuff as often as possible. I promise to give back for what has been given by a provident universe to me. I pledge to continue to do what I can to lift the profile and promote the talents and knowledge of the indigenous Australians for the benefit of all.

Hey ho - let's go!

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