Friday, September 26, 2008

Hawthorn, the Hawks, have made the Grand Final to play Geelong, the Cats, at the MCG this Saturday. I'm supporting the underhawks. They have five fantastic indigi players - Mark Williams, Chance Bateman, Cyril "Junior" Rioli, Cameron Stokes and last but not least, Lance "Buddy" Franklin. Buddy is the most althletic, graceful, powerful, marvellous player I've ever watched. He's still like a big Great Dane puppy too, not always sure of what he's doing. I really love to watch the sheer thrill he gets from being out there on the grand stage of finals footy. Can the MCG still hold 100,000 people? If so, they'll be there on Saturday. Logic says the wrecking ball that is Geelong will win, but I'm barracking for the Hawks since the Maggpies and Bombers have bombed out. I'll be watching round at the neighbours' place. Battered cat, anyone?

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