Monday, June 23, 2008

Detainee 002 (for David Hicks)

Detainee 002 is back
He’s wearing this jumpsuit like a tradie
and it’s a blood orange colour
like a day-glo explosion
in the gloom of the news at six

And there’s a pixelated stumble
cos he’s tripping down the stairs of the jet
short-shackled/ wrist to ankle
Detainee 002 is back
from Guantanamo Bay

But these new chains
are like the old chains -
rewind 1788:

sailing into focus
come 11 convict hulks
casing for a place
to start rendition


ScaughtFive said...

Slender nexus between past and present. Brutality coexists with the sublime. Good stuff here.

Jen Jewel Brown said...

Thanks Scaught. Back online after an eon-long outing thanks to reconnecting via BigPond. Appreciate your fine brain on this one.