Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hirdy to Sheedy: do you read me?

The only sane choice to replace God as coach of Essendon FC is Saint Hird. If his last spray made the team lift and win over the Demons, why not send him in to coach? None of the other guys on offer are as good as Sheeds, so why not give James a go? Knows the game inside and out, great player, an inspirational leader, excellent sportsman and Don through and though. Go Essendon - go Hird - and I'll never forget how Sheeds, Hird and the team turned me on to a sport I once hated as a kid. KS - you are a giant among Australian blokes. The board are so blind as them that will not see, but if we can't have you, then give us this day our daily Hird. For ever and ever, Amen/Awomen.

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