Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Anonymous said...

the ex smother in law
owned one of these
vicious were-poodles
I thought often of it
as I gazed at my fake fur and black satin
(these made me feel like a vegan marilyn monroe when I did housework)
perhaps they were not fake fur
though the label said
man made
perhaps they secretly
popped a poodle into some industrial
radar range
since these cook from the inside out
the thing implodes
the resultant poof of plastic-ee fur
now on my slippers

a dragon, you,
of what element may I be so bold as to inquire?
your eloquent and savvy wordcraft a poetess of fire!
did you take the untitled photo?
thank you for reading and for commenting, did not see zee compliment
until just now
may your muse be in abundance as you work on your novel


Jen Jewel Brown said...

You are gorgeous. I think I'm a... Hmmm... Water dragon? Must check again. How about you?

Michael said...

Hi thanks for your comments on my other blog.I have a question for you.Wasn't destroy all monsters from the late sixties early seventies that has most of the days monsters in it?Ive forgotton most of them lol better go to the closet and dig out all the tapes again agh !

Jen Jewel Brown said...

Destroy All Monsters, or Monster Complete Attack in the straight Jap translation, was the total monster-fest when the whole 11 collaborated to destroy earth.It is the most fabulous detroy-a-thon for fans of guys in wierd suits with strings and fire gadgets and prop cities being destroyed with screaming Japanese running in all directions but...

This time it's international.

We're way overdue to destroy Sydney with the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in a decent monster movie down under. Where are you from? I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Wikipedia sums up the fabulous plot like this;
This film takes place in 1999, so it is considered the last movie of the "Showa Series". By the pre-millennium year, most of Earth's monsters are captured by the United Nations and confined to a place called Monsterland, the core land mass of the Ogasawara Islands. A special control center is built underneath the island to ensure of the monsters' safety. If anything should go wrong, the spaceship known as the Moonlight SY-3 will go to action. Suddenly all communications are cut off at the island. When SY-3 intervenes, the space crew finds out all of the Monsterland workers have become mental slaves of an alien race known as the Kilaaks. The monsters too have become controlled. Godzilla attacks New York City. Rodan invades Moscow. The Mothra larva lays waste to Beijing and a dinosaur called Gorosaurus destroys Paris. The UN and its top bases built on the moon make a risky but necessary attempt to regain control of the Monsterland workers and the monsters. The Kilaaks' head facility is actually at the moon itself, where the crew of SY-3 destroys a machine responsible for manipulating the monsters. The Kilaaks release their last-minute help, King Ghidorah, once the Monsterland monsters wake up from their trance. The three-headed space dragon battles the ten monsters at Mt. Fuji, where the Kilaaks are finally defeated. As for Godzilla and his friends, they return to Monsterland peacefully.

In other words, the perfect plot. If only they would remake it. The Godzilla they made again was pretty ordinary as it lacked the soulful and moving appeal of the best monsters, like Frankenstein, the original King Kong and the original Godzilla and its baby. A brilliant film I saw this yea\tr was the Host, from Korea. Outstanding and totally scary as well as funny. Just loved it.