Tuesday, November 02, 2004

nurse x reports for work in the war zone

a step beyond
becoming, she strides out light
crossing the road w robbie in the phones
done with a swish of white shoes
everyday I have to cry some
(forgetting the second verse,
getting to the chorus early)
hey look me over
(if he would only - dr sanchez -
just look this way)

kind of wierd the world reflected in a driver's eye
leaflets shiver on the white line
money dancing in the bottom of her bag
nearly to the nearly to the kerb
only wonder how the baby's stump will heal
particularly since supplies are -
quick glance at the swatch
really oughta lose a few
she pulls her belly taut
time only left to feel the red blast rip -

1 comment:

Jen Jewel Brown said...

This makes me wonder. It's an alphabet poem - viz the first letters of each line. Of course, it can't finish as the car bomb goes off just after the taxi driver delivers it. It's me here, checking on the comment process. Cheating really...