Monday, January 05, 2004

for example

i was standing on johnston street
when she fell out of the sky
an angel black as soot
eyes pooling 29 lifetimes
joy just off the boil
an OD that morning
a child to hold
a heart to capture
a furnace to refuel:
bar open

heiroglyphics swim
on the light pouring out her throat
as she embraces all of us
coal tumbles from her mouth
she dances upside down
her hair, refracting prisms, rears
she's 12, she's 98,
she died last year

she rises over me
like frida kahlo on her funeral pyre
the resurrection booth is open

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Judith Morrison said...

Hello Jen Jewel Brown - I just wanted to say how powerful I thought your poem 'in our 1/4 of the world' - I have been carrying it around with me in my head since I read it in the 'Age'. I have also written a poem and have used a '1/4 of the whole' within the poem - if this is o'k with you I would like to acknowledge you and your poem -otherwise I will change the poem! I not familiar with this blogger stuff and was hoping to find an email address for you - I am very much a luddite with technology - but even using this - I am being subsumed! My email address is

Best wishes

Judith Morrison